The need for site speed

I just talked about binning Google Analytics, so it seems appropriate to show the speed impact that this action has had on this site. 

So here’s the speed of that post loaded from Stockholm, Sweden, via Pingdom’s Website Speed Test.

As you can see, its between 0.2 and 0.3 seconds pageload, and an A grade – or 98 – from Google’s PageSpeed.

Interestingly, those 2 points are “lost” via the short cache expiry on Google Fonts in use on this here site.

There’s a completionist in me that you just know is gonna pull that font to local in the next few days, heh!

In addition, in case you were interested, this post can be loaded via AMP for speedy global mobile loading times. Speed matters.

This is all powered on WordPress on under $10 a month hosting rig. So its affordable and normal stuff. No magic potions here. Just pure, speed freakery using normal off the shelf stuff – and the bog standard WP theme.

If you would ever want all this speed for your business, see the Optimize your  WordPress product I head up at Silicon Dales. Otherwise, leave a comment below and I’ll tell any blogger the types of things to get done to make things fast on your own WordPress.

Its rocket science 🙂

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