The Best Barnard Castle Eye Test Memes 🧐

2020 has been kicking us pretty consistently where it hurts, hasn’t it?!

Well, it’s certainly thrown up some interesting contenders for the Worst Excuse of the Year contest.

Until today, to be honest, I’d thought that Deontay Wilder was a shoo-in for this contest, with his “armour was too heavy” excuse for getting pummeled for the WBO World Heavyweight title by Morecambe’s finest Tyson Fury…

He led some online wit to pen the following replacement line to Eminem’s 8 Mile:

His palms are sweaty, knees weak, armour's heavy

but no… there’s been a sneaky mid-year entry by Dominic Cummings, Boris Johnson’s senior advisor, today, who made the excuse that he visited Barnard Castle as part of a 30 mile round-trip test drive… to see if his eyes were working properly.

The internet enjoyed Cummings’ whacko excuse so much, they memed the life out of it, within moments. That is, after all, what the web is here for. Since chronicling all this is my primary function in life, here are the best of those memes.

I’m sure you will find / create / have pushed at you via WhatsApp something better… leave a comment below.

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