Steve Blackmon promised me page one rankings

I got an email today which read:

Dear Business owner of [website]
How is it possible that your website is having so many errors? Yes, most of the people share their anger and frustration once they get my email.
Now, I will show you some technical errors found in your [website].
I have a large professional team who can fix all the above issues immediately at an affordable price. I guarantee you will see a drastic change in your Google search ranking once these are fixed.
Looking forward to your reply.
Steve Blackmon

Email from Steve Blackmon

This is not a good strategy to get new business.

Now, I achieve page one rankings, and I never replied to someone who cold emailed me. I get these rankings by working hard on the following things:

Things I do to Get Page One Rankings

  • Optimizing my website, so it is fast
  • Writing good, compelling, content, which my audience wants to read
  • Making sure I follow best practices in relation to “mobile first” “structured data” and other technical considerations which are relevant to SEO in 2019.
  • I try to create the very best piece of content about subject X in light of the above optimizations, and repeat.
  • I return to old content and make updates. This section of text is one such update I have made, after people started hitting this strange email I posted a long time ago.

Things I Don’t Do for Rankings

  • I do not beg for links.
  • I don’t guest post.
  • I don’t publish other people’s guest posts in my website.
  • I don’t try to rank on page one.
  • I never, ever, ever ever, cold email people.

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