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A few days ago, a long post about speeding up WooCommerce went live @ the Silicon Dales website. Check it out at the link if you’re interested in some ways in which you can get some speed gains for a WooCommerce store (or WordPress site for that matter).

There’s a new speed product live on the site too… if you run a “larger” WooCommerce store, you might be interested, as its really, really good product. If you process tens of thousands in monthly revenue or higher, the speed boost will see Return on Investment pretty fast.

Check out the full WooCommerce speedup product here in the (quite new) Booking site, which, of course, runs on WooCommerce, and loads in under half a second per page, using Storefront, so, you know, it works 🙂

At Silicon Dales, we’ve been speeding up WC stores for several years, but the launch of an actual, bookable, product has been something we’ve wanted to do for a long time.

You’ll note that there’s a consultation and a migration baked into the package, because, well, you simply need a consult to get one of our speed optimizations. Its like getting measured by a tailor before he or she makes you a new suit to measure. Without the consultation, the speed work will be “one size fits all”.

And the migration – well this is where we really show our class as well as our speed. You’ll be blown away by the things we can do when moving around your store’s infrastructure.

I see a lot of people claiming to be “full stack” but, in a WordPress context, we do have the stack totally covered…

Now, I feel like I should really speed this site up too, as if to make a point… but the proof of the pudding really should be in the eating, so here are some numbers to conjure with:

Book Silicon Dales – WooCommerce Site Speed Example

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