Search Console Error “Referenced AMP URL is not an AMP”

This error will show up in Google Search Console (AKA Webmaster Tools or WMT) if there is an error with some or all of your AMP pages.

How to fix this issue

  • Your first port of call, here, is to get the URLs in question from Search Console.
  • Then visit the AMP validator tool, here. ( )
  • Enter your URL into the tool and hit “Validate”
  • Any errors which show up, you will then need to fix! Ask a developer (hint, if this is a WordPress site, hire me here).

What if you don’t see errors?

This can sometimes happen when something really new is added which is not (yet) in the AMP validator. This is very very rare, though. It might be that the issue was already fixed. In which case, attempt to validate in Search Console by hitting “Validate Fix”.

Validate Your Fix in Search Console

Once you are sure you don’t have errors in your AMP pages, then hit “Validate Fix” in search console, and you should see these issues resolved in a few days.

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Leave a comment if you have questions, below, but note, I will usually be busy working on client projects, so if you have an urgent issue, please use the “Hire” page, or contact a developer!

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5 thoughts on “Search Console Error “Referenced AMP URL is not an AMP””

  1. I got this types of AMP error how to fix it plz help.
    1 – ErrorReferenced AMP URL is not an AMP
    2- Error Only amp-boilerplate and amp-custom ‘style’ tags are allowed, and only in the document head.
    3 – Error Custom JavaScript is not allowed.
    4 – Error Disallowed attribute or attribute value present in HTML tag.

  2. Sir I got following issues, can you help me too resolve these

    The mandatory attribute ‘⚡’ is missing in tag ‘html’.

    The mandatory attribute ‘amp-custom’ is missing in tag ‘style amp-custom’.

    Custom JavaScript is not allowed

    The attribute ‘onclick’ may not appear in tag ‘span’.

    Custom JavaScript is not allowed.

    The attribute ‘onclick’ may not appear in tag ‘div’.

    Custom JavaScript is not allowed.

  3. I have a Shopify Website.
    And Google Search Console is showing me 7 AMP Errors.
    I don’t know hot to fix these errors.
    I have also try your AMP Validator tool, Its showing me the errors but totally no idea


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