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Revolut Offer January 2020: £50 to open a Business Account


Last month and the month before, I shared some Revolut offers, and in January 2020, as of 6th Jan, there’s another “free £50” offer for those looking to open a business account with Revolut.

Follow the steps detailed below – and now, when you click my link, at Revolut, you’ll be able also to find the Terms and Conditions over at their site.

PLEASE NOTE this offer is different from the standard or normal Revolut offer which also launched this month – this was only for referral partners, of which, as an early adopter, I am one. The difference with the offer below, and the “retail offer” is you don’t need to order a card to qualify.


All you have to do to qualify for this offer is USE MY LINK, open a new Revolut Business account, deposit £50, and wait – your account will be credited with additional balance.

Please note, though, that you’ll need to complete identity checks and etc in order to open a new business bank account.

Details are below. REMEMBER you must use my link.

Intro Video

In the video below, I’ve broken things down in a little more detail.

What’s the catch?

Well, the first thing to be aware of is that, in order to get the free £50 you must do the following things:

How it Works

  1. Click my link to visit Revolut; and
  2. Open a new Business Account; and
  3. Insert £50 into your new acccount, using one of their payment methods (a bank transfer from another account, or via a debit cart or another accepted method).
  4. You must do this before the end of January 2020!

Once you have done the above, they’ll credit your account with an additional £50 no questions asked*.

*Well, actually, yes questions asked. There are several questions you’ll need to answer to setup a new Business account with Revolut, including identity checks and etc. You may not be successful in opening a new business account, but if you are, and you top-up £50 you will be given an additional £50.

Therefore, this offer makes the most sense if you think you’d benefit from a Revolut account for your business anyway (i.e. not just for the free £50).

This is my Revolut Business Referral Code

NOTE – one of the main “catches” here is I will be credited a referral fee for sending you to Revolut. This will be a small commission for introducing you as a new customer. It’s a commission, and it’s why Revolut tells me about their offers… but I have, until now, not regularly posted offers. 

I’m aware that many of my colleagues will be interested in bagging £50 for the sake of signing up an account and loading some money in!

In case you missed it, below is a button with the link in:


Do I need a Promo Code?

No. Just use the link / button above, and follow the steps.

What are the benefits of a Revolut business account?

I use Revolut personally and my business also uses their fee-paying banking services. Here’s the main benefits I find on the business account, in order that I like them:

  1. Fee-free currency transactions – we regularly deal in GBP, USD, EUR and AUD as a business. Transferring between currencies can be slow and expensive with “traditional” banks. With Revolut these are instant and also they go through without any commission or changed exchange rates.
  2. Virtual cards – this one was a surprise benefit to me, but it’s proved very much worthwhile. You can get many virtual cards through Revolut. These you can use to spend money in online stores – perhaps if you don’t trust a new software vendor, or you’re subscribing to something you may like to cancel in future. You can set per-card spend limits to limit your exposure to this card number getting hacked or cracked. Secure and sensible, this is amazing. I also use these to test checkouts when working on real money stores in UK, USA, Australia and Canada (remember the currency thing!!).
  3. Real cards – for all your team, allow you to monitor expenses and instantly see what’s going where.
  4. Connect all payments to Slack – we’re developers, right, so we like to get a Slack notification after someone buys a round of drinks at a tech conference, and know exactly how much additional work we’ll need to do to recoup 🙂
  5. Connect to your accounts package – at our business, we use FreeAgent for accounting (another hot tip see here) and this means we can live feed all our transactions – in all currencies – directly in, saving much time in double-entry accounts. Automatic for the people! I believe there are also options for QuickBooks and Xero – but I can’t swear that they work (leave a comment, below).

There are other, additional, benefits, but the above are my favourite things about this “Challenger Bank” which really mark it out as a cut above the traditional banking competition. The service is available in a lot of the world – Europe, UK and Australia for sure. USA… not so sure, so check, because last time I checked it was “planned” (leave a comment, below, if you know this!).

Anyway, for now, hit the button below, sign up, as above, and please do leave a comment, below, if this worked – or didn’t work – for you, and I will be sure to complain loudly on your behalf if it did not 🙂


An Animated Video About Business Accounts

Below is an animated video about business accounts at Revolut which you might like:


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3 replies on “Revolut Offer January 2020: £50 to open a Business Account”

We were in contact some time ago. You told me that starting today, we will be eligible for the Revolut promotion for freelancers. Can you give me more information about that?

Hi, no, since I don’t work for Revolut. I asked, and this offer, is not available to freelancers – it’s for company accounts. If you have a company, you can participate. The difference between “company” and “freelancer” is legal entity. You should note. Most businesses, to whom this offer applies, will be companies, and therefore, this offer will apply.

There are many reasons why incorporating is a good idea for small businesses, at least in the UK, but that’s not a discussion for here.

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