The GPL will be more important than Bitcoin (BTC) to the World’s future

A short one for today, but just to say, amidst all the hype, when all is said and done, it is my firm belief that when in future we look back to big things that shaped the world we will then inhabit, the GNU General Public License (GPL), will have had a bigger, more lasting, and more important impact than Bitcoin (BTC) #justsayin.

[bctt tweet=”When all is said and done, the GPL, will have had a bigger, more lasting, and more important impact than Bitcoin.” username=”robinjescott”]

Mrdalekjd methods for $$$

Don’t worry. I’ve not gone insane. Also, the comment spam you probably received wasn’t from me. I received it too. So whoever you are, Mrdalekjd, please stop comment spamming. It will not lead to $$$. It will just frustrate people a tiny fraction.

Happy Wednesday

It’s Wednesday, that time when you are only half way through the week. According to my statistics from the past decade, I get most emails and inbound calls on a Wednesday. So, happy Wednesday.

New header pic

The picture of the plant was nice, and all, but I decided to change the picture at the top of this website for something that was not quite so generic, so I went ultra personal, and google searched a picture of “the internet” as if such a thing exists, and collected one of the top results for a header pic.

Apologies if this caused a huge breach of copyright, but like everyone who rips something off the web and re-publishes it online: “no copyright intended (sic)”. Okay?

Anyway, the picture at the top is thereby explained. I live in the internet, and this is a picture of my home.