New Baby Resolutions

In case you didn’t know (and why would you) my wife and I had another baby, born on 2nd August, a baby we have called Heather.

This allowed some time off, and a little bit less sleep than normal. So, just like New Year’s Eve, right?! Not really, its just a way to make an announcement, and also to flag up some things I’m going to be doing more of in the future.

So my new baby resolutions have nothing whatsoever to do with babies, except in a very roundabout fashion.

  • I will be inbox zero – that is, I will open and deal with or otherwise file all my emails. This doesn’t mean I’ll reply, but I won’t just leave them in the inbox. This is standard resolution fare.
  • I will make more meaningful contributions to WordPress core in future.

See, not baby related at all.

And no, I won’t be posting baby pictures. If there’s one thing more embarrassing to a person than seeing their baby photos as an adult, it is surely knowing that said baby photos were plastered all over the internet for global consumption. Privacy.

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