Need help setting up WooCommerce Shipping rules?

A lot of my clients come to me looking for help with a range of WooCommerce problems, and one of the main things many don’t have so much concept of (before they get started with their stores) is shipping.

Shipping Ain’t Easy!

But how you set up the shipping on an eCommerce store is really, really important.

Think about the stores you shop with the most – and trust the most – online. Chances are, your favourites are the services where the shipping is very very obvious before you even add to cart (Amazon Prime, anyone!?).

Set up your Shipping Right – and Communicate that Value

It is, therefore, very important that you setup your shipping rules correctly – and also that your value proposition in relation to shipping (spend X get shipping for Y or whatever) is very much apparent throughout the customer journey.

If your new store is WooCommerce, or you’re thinking about making it so, I can help with this. See below.

Want Shipping Resolved for your WooCommerce Store?

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