Mark Ronson – The Bike Song

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Video: Mark Ronson, The Business Intl. – The Bike Song

Below is a video from YouTube that you can play right now, and enjoy this track, including on your mobile webs (visit for the AMP mobile version of this post to see what it looks like) UPDATE – this whole site is 100% AMP by default now.

“The Bike Song” Lyrics:

I run around town
Around around and round
The pedal to the metal
The pedal to whatever

Shooting round the streaky bends
I hear a conversation in my head
Thinking of a place to be
Ising a little melody instead
I won't argue with myself
Today my legs are getting some help

My mother tells me I should stop
Go and get a real job
That can't be the way that I roll
Everybody's growing up
Having kids and paying rent
They're all getting cars of their own

Gonna ride my bike until I get home

What’s That Picture at the Top?

As ever, in Ronson videos, there’s a hipster arty bit at the start… nobody is quite sure if they enjoy this part of the video, but it at least has some style, even if it’s something of a pastiche.

Below, is a copy of what I screenshotted, in case you want to look at this picture some more.

Mark Ronson – thumbnail from The Bike Song video

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