Private review for hosting companies

Want a second opinion or some experience from the field?

Hire me to test out a WooCommerce setup on your stack. I will fire different processes at your systems to find pinch points and room for improvement.

Whether it’s the impact of transients on a massive coupon code import or the limiting effect of php workers on a big subscriptions site, I’ve seen the edge cases and the more common pitfalls of different hosting setups in the WordPress space.

For a discrete and professional report aimed at improving the experience of your WordPress and WooCommerce customers, get in touch.

About Robin Scott

I'm Robin Scott, a WordPress Consultant and WooCommerce expert developer who, along with three other people, runs a business called Silicon Dales Ltd remotely, from a base in the North of the UK. I enjoy using my talents for programming to track and interpret sporting, political or retail data - and therefore you'll see me posting some content in these spaces in this, my personal website. If you're interested to talk about leveraging this for your business (in sport, entertainment, retail, etc) please contact me.