Expert Witness

Looking for an expert witness in a case which involves Open Source?

Contact me with the details of your case.

My Experience

I am:

  • Open source developer with more than a decade’s working experience
  • LLB Batchelor of Law degree from Newcastle University
  • Company director
  • Company secretary
  • Conference speaker
  • Project and team lead overseeing sub-contractor relationships on major open source projects
  • Author of compliance documentation for several businesses

Cases and Subject areas

Whatever you require, if your case involves PHP, MySQL, web development, WordPress, WooCommerce, or other open source¬† software systems, and you require someone with some expertise in order to deliver a professional opinion, either on a technical aspect, or an assessment of “industry standards” or development practices, I would be able to provide expert witness services.

This list is not exhaustive, but cases concerning the following:

  • Open Source systems
    • PHP development
    • System administration – specifically Linux based systems
    • Database administration – specifically MySQL or MariaDB
  • Security issues (hacks, DDOS attacks, breach notifications)
  • Compliance issues (GDPR / Privacy issues)
  • Licencing litigation
  • Contract litigation

Who to contact

Ordinarily, a solicitor would engage me for this service, or a representative of a legal department in a company or Government body.

It is recommended to ask your solicitor to make contact with me.