Google promoting web speed at Wordcamp Europe 2019

I had some fun this morning with the Google team at Wordcamp Europe in Berlin.

Google are promoting web speed at Wordcamp Europe – specifically helping webmasters to speed up their WordPress websites.

WordPress can be blazing fast, but you do have to make strategic decisions.

The person next to me wondered if you could score 100 in PSI with Google Analytics (you can, I am running it!) – probably more important is choosing the right WordPress hosting partner, and being discerning about which theme and plugins you allow into your wp site.

Google is serious about speeding up the web and I had a great chat with the team at the booth about the conditions for getting WordPress as fast as possible.

If in doubt, consult a WordPress speed expert. I highly recommend Codeable for this – or feel free to hire me for a consultation on your site’s performance.

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