Escorted tours for single travellers – a comfortable way to holiday alone in 2019!

Over the years, I’ve commented a lot on general trends in online shopping, and particularly about retail, and various “disruptions” which have occurred, but one thing which has been around for a while, and is seeing a boon since the baby boom generation has started retiring in earnest is escorted holiday tours for single travellers.

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Companies in the “escorted travel” space

There are several companies operating in the escorted travel space. I’m going to focus on two to which I am affiliated:

Click the links above to visit those sites, and find out a little more about them.

Holidays for single travellers over 50

Both companies offer holidays for single travellers, and they tend to specialise on travellers over 50, who are single.

Ski Holidays for Single Travellers

If skiing is your thing, and you’re travelling along, one of these solo ski holidays might take your fancy:

Been on a solo traveller holiday? Got a comment?

Leave your comment below. Loved it or hated it, the internet is the place to leave comments about your experience 🙂

Escorted holidays links

Here are those links again, so you can find yourself an excellent holiday to enjoy as a solo traveller. Bon voyage!

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