Drones Reunited

Apparently 1 in 4 drone owners has lost a drone. This is no surprise to me, as, on a maiden night-flight with a 2 year old at my side, my toy drone was hit by a mild UK crosswind, and ended up about 500 yards away in the field next door.

But for a lot of walking around, I never would have re-discovered this drone.

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) in the United Kingdom has launched a Drones Reunited website (apparently… nobody found that link yet – hire me if you would like to remedy 😉 ) to “soften the blow” of the now mandatory licence and £9 a year registration scheme for all drones over 250g in the UK.

My drone was under 250g, which is exactly why it went such a long way. That said, I was in the countryside – a safe space – and I know my neighbours, so everything was fine. Flying drones in built up areas would give me some real heeby jeebies.

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