Develop WooCommerce? Install the latest release often!

This is a quick one, but its something I believe is important. Its a little note to self, and anyone else out there who works with WooCommerce as a developer – or wants to.

If you develop with WooCommerce, I firmly suggest you install the latest release when it comes out in a fresh WP install, so you are familiar with the process in a client’s eye view.

If you’re anything like me, you look at the forthcoming release a lot. You’ll also be opening like 40-50 different WooCommerce stores in various states of undress.

But when a new version ships, you need to install it in a fresh copy to see what this process is like. Point 1: it probably changed. Point 2: you will more than likely learn something about your how your clients see and interact with the greatest extensible ecommerce software out there 🙂

Happy developing.

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