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What’s this mean? What sort of speed is “good” and what is “bad”?

Well, if you’d like to play games online, you’ll want a download speed in excess of 20Mbps. If you’re under 2Mbps, you’ll struggle to have an enjoyable experience of even simple things, like browsing.

Ideally, the higher the number, the faster, the better.

If you’re like me, and you work developing websites, and routinely push files “up” into sites (of you’re, say, a blogger, and you put photographs or videos onto Imgur, Vimeo, YouTube, or your blog website) then upload will be important to you too.

I have a 1000/1000 connection, which is 1000 Mbps download and upload. It’s really just perfect for an entire household.

To achieve 1000 / 1000 you need to have Fiber to the Premises (AKA Fiber to the Household) FTTP or FTTH, which means a fiber optic cable running right up to your house, into a modem.

Without this, you can achieve up to 200 / 200 with “copper” wires, but the further you are from the telephone exchange, the signal degrades quite quickly. Around 9 miles, and you cannot even get broadband thru copper.

If you’re this far away, you’ll need satelite (laggy – see the ping in the above test!) or another “airborne” broadband supply, like 3G, 4G or 5G, or a P2P broadband, which is wireless broadband fired over a longer range.

Whatever you can get, I hope my tool above helped you to understand what speeds you’re currently achieving.

As well as helping you to track your internet speed, I made this website the fastest in the world, so that you could quickly find this stuff out. A slow internet is not one I want to be associated with.

Lobby your Government, dig up your roads and fields, lay fibre optic cables to your premises, and fight for faster internet connection – and reject slow websites by voting with your feet – the future of the web, is fast.

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