Case Study: Related Product Swatches into a WooCommerce Fashion Store


The digital marketing agent, Vincent Mok, hired me to work on the product displays in a WooCommerce store, for a client.

The Client Site

Pixie Mood retail ethically sourced (made with vegan materials) bags, wallets and luggage from Ontario, Canada.

The Task

Spruce up category pages and product previews in a WooCommerce store, including related product swatches.

Importantly, when customers view a category or filter page, the client wanted to change the order of bags so that a customer wouldn’t be faced with rows of the same type or colour.

To get a nice mix of options on any given page, a formula was created and worked on with the agent to produce the best mix of options for any given store “archive” page.

Additionally, related (same style, different colour) products have been added into the single product templates, to make it easier for customers to drill down to their favourite style. This has also been iterated on to create a nice stylish “out of stock” overlay too, utilising some custom code.

WooCommerce is super Customizable

This project really does showcase why WooCommerce is so great for retailers – it is super customizable and flexible, and allows developers like me to be able to turn a store owner’s vision into a better experience for their customers. This is a win for all concerned.

What the Agent Said

Get a WooCommerce Store Makeover from Robin Scott

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