Best WP Engine Alternatives

I quite like WP Engine as a host for WordPress sites, but they don’t suit all cases, all the time.

If you’re looking to host a WooCommerce store, or you have “more dynamic” needs, then perhaps you’re out there looking for a good alternative to WP Engine.

I’ve got a couple of recommendations in these circumstances, which are:

Kinsta – Best for Live Chat Support

Kinsta runs on Google Cloud Console with AWS Route53 DNS. They also run an all Nginx stack. What this technical mumjo jumbo boils down to is this: it’s nice and fast.

They can be a little picky about what plugins you run (like WP Engine itself) and this can perhaps be a good thing – it’s something an optimizer would do anyway to point your slow plugins out.

Their support, though, is where they really shine. Live chat with them (not telephone) and you’ll find they are knowledgable and helpful.

Cloudways – More Freedom & Lower Starting Prices

Over at Cloudways, which is my preferred option (this site is hosted on Cloudways), you’ve got a little more freedom to choose which cloud based host from all the best of them actually hosts your site.

You can plug and play a WooCommerce install on 1 button click, too, as well as having more freedom about which plugins to run.

You’re not limited on PHP workers in the same way at Cloudways as you might be at Kinsta, but with greater flexibility, also comes a little more for you to do.

I like the extra options; it depends on your comfort levels if you will do too.

Cloudways is an excellent option if you have someone technical to manage and maintain it on call (feel free to hire me!).

Cloudways Voucher Code

When you signup for your free trial, you’ll see a “promo code” or “coupon code” insert option, click this, and enter “SILICONDALES20” for 20% off your first invoice.

Partner Links

Note, the links above are my affiliate links. They don’t affect the price you will pay, but I may be credited for referring you to these hosts. That said, I’ve reviewed hundreds of hosts, and these are the two I’d recommend to someone looking for an alternative to WP Engine. I’m aware of all the market leaders.

Remember, almost anywhere you find a “hosting review” or a recommendation on a host, these links will be paid links. I’m up front about this, exactly because I want people to understand this. I’m staking my personal credibility on these two hosts offering an excellent product.

Think I missed someone out who should be mentioned? Leave a public comment, below.

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