24 Hour Live Streaming The Inbetweeners

So anyway, apparently, this is a thing… The UK’s Channel 4 is now 24 hour live streaming The Inbetweeners on YouTube… well, “Best of the Inbetweeners“.

Live Stream on Video – 24/7

UPDATE the stream is back – below. Leave a very whiny comment at the bottom if it drops out again, please.

Note, the above is a series of “best of” clips on a loop. You’ll see the same thing pop up again. You could technically loop these clips yourself, in the relevant video. It’s not 100% clear why E4 is live streaming this.

Leave a comment below if the above doesn’t work now! Remember, this ain’t YouTube, so no silly comments please 🙂

Its surprisingly popular, too.

This is an interesting idea, and I’m sure other shows may follow suit. If you played back to back episodes of, for example, The Big Bang Theory, you could probably basically close E4 too. Cash back, bus wankers and briefcase mongs.

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