The ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Shrug Emoji – 🤷

Sometimes, in a developer Slack chat, you want to shrug. For those times, this, to copy and paste…


That is all for today.

UPDATE – I absolutely love what posting this has done to the permalinks on this post. An unintended but quite fantastic consequence of placing a Slack shrug emoji into a WordPress post title.

If you’re looking around for “shrug ascii” on Google, and land in here, well I hope this gives you the copy bait I was laying for myself.

What’s copy bait? Well, its like click bait, but you can probably copy it directly from the search results, without even opening this page, an activity from which I derive next to no benefit, which I am sure will make you feel happy. I’m also sure that anyone who reads this part will by now have missed that particular boat, rendering this entire passage of text superfluous, but anyhoo, what the hey, you’ve been Googling the shrug emoji, so you gots nothing better to do, right 😉

Using the Shrug in Slack

Our good friends at Slack have made shrugging really easy. Which shows the level of contempt we developers have for the world. I guess. The command to type is as follows:


The details for this can be found in this Official Slack Tweet:

The above command needs to be typed alone – so you couldn’t say “blah blah blah /shrug” but you could just type “/shrug” and have a shrug show up all automatic-like.

Also Known As

  • ???? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • ???? Shrugging
  • Shruggie (apparently! urgh)

Unicode Name

???? Shrug

🤷- this is an actual shrug emoticon or emoji, too, though its different from the zanier and altogether more aloof cousin, which is ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

To use this emoji using unicode, you need to use ` U+1F937`.

This can be posted to suggest indifference or “meh” or also an “ah dunno (sic)” type of sentiment.

A video which in no way helps

Below is a video from YouTube entitled “what is a shrug” which, if anything, serves only to confuse matters.

Did you find the video, or any of the above helpful, at all? No! Leave a comment below with your most scatching criticism. Points* will be issued if you can use a shrug though…

*points are not redeemable anywhere, nor will they actually be issued.

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