Mrdalekjd methods for $$$

Don’t worry. I’ve not gone insane. Also, the comment spam you probably received wasn’t from me. I received it too. So whoever you are, Mrdalekjd, please stop comment spamming. It will not lead to $$$. It will just frustrate people a tiny fraction.

If you’re beginning your Tweet with “33/ …” you probably should have blogged it…

I was thinking about making this blog post in fewer than 140 characters in order to create some kind of pithy ironic platform abuse point, but no, I can’t be bothered. The luxury of not being curtailed by character limit is just too good to pass up.

More and more, I’m seeing long threads on Twitter. They aren’t threads, really, more people droning on and on to themselves, unable to stay within the character limit. I even saw one the other day which began something along the lines of

“I don’t want to bore you, so I’ll be brief. 1/9”

Well, blow me over with a feather if that isn’t the best piece of pre-planned self-conversing on the 2017 internet.

I saw one this morning in a thread which truly took the cake, which was something like:

“24/ FINAL POINT blah blah blah”

The thread did, alas, continue and there is a Tweet which begins “33/ …” and lead me to post this.

If you’re posting a Tweet which begins “33/ …” maybe you should have written a blog post, and tweeted a link. Or, better yet, a dissertation. Or, even better, perhaps distilled your thoughts into a lucid yet short statement and – maybe, just maybe – exercised some self control.

Even POTUS can be pithy and quick. So step up your game. Stop the platform abuse. Be concise. And stop threading your Tweets. Its dull af.

Even POTUS can be pithy & quick. Step up. End platform abuse. Stop threading Tweets. Click To Tweet

New Baby Resolutions

In case you didn’t know (and why would you) my wife and I had another baby, born on 2nd August, a baby we have called Heather.

This allowed some time off, and a little bit less sleep than normal. So, just like New Year’s Eve, right?! Not really, its just a way to make an announcement, and also to flag up some things I’m going to be doing more of in the future.

So my new baby resolutions have nothing whatsoever to do with babies, except in a very roundabout fashion.

  • I will be inbox zero – that is, I will open and deal with or otherwise file all my emails. This doesn’t mean I’ll reply, but I won’t just leave them in the inbox. This is standard resolution fare.
  • I will make more meaningful contributions to WordPress core in future.

See, not baby related at all.

And no, I won’t be posting baby pictures. If there’s one thing more embarrassing to a person than seeing their baby photos as an adult, it is surely knowing that said baby photos were plastered all over the internet for global consumption. Privacy.

It was acceptable in the 80s

In the wake of charges being raised in 2017 relating to the Hillsborough disaster of 1989, it may be time to revisit other awful things that happened in the 1980s that were covered up and swept under the carpet?

Like the Bradford City fire, to name just one, thematically related, incident. Details here.

Happy Wednesday

It’s Wednesday, that time when you are only half way through the week. According to my statistics from the past decade, I get most emails and inbound calls on a Wednesday. So, happy Wednesday.

New header pic

The picture of the plant was nice, and all, but I decided to change the picture at the top of this website for something that was not quite so generic, so I went ultra personal, and google searched a picture of “the internet” as if such a thing exists, and collected one of the top results for a header pic.

Apologies if this caused a huge breach of copyright, but like everyone who rips something off the web and re-publishes it online: “no copyright intended (sic)”. Okay?

Anyway, the picture at the top is thereby explained. I live in the internet, and this is a picture of my home.

Welcome to my website

Welcome to my website. This is a first post, also known as a “hello world” blog post.

In this blog post, I am saying “hello” to you, out there, as a fellow inhabitant of our planet.

Other than that, I would be interested to know a bit about you. Leave a comment below, saying something interesting you found out this week, or, in other words, answer the question “what’s new with you?”