If you’re beginning your Tweet with “33/ …” you probably should have blogged it…

I was thinking about making this blog post in fewer than 140 characters in order to create some kind of pithy ironic platform abuse point, but no, I can’t be bothered. The luxury of not being curtailed by character limit is just too good to pass up. Continue reading “If you’re beginning your Tweet with “33/ …” you probably should have blogged it…”

New header pic

The picture of the plant was nice, and all, but I decided to change the picture at the top of this website for something that was not quite so generic, so I went ultra personal, and google searched a picture of “the internet” as if such a thing exists, and collected one of the top results for a header pic.

Apologies if this caused a huge breach of copyright, but like everyone who rips something off the web and re-publishes it online: “no copyright intended (sic)”. Okay?

Anyway, the picture at the top is thereby explained. I live in the internet, and this is a picture of my home.

Welcome to my website

Welcome to my website. This is a first post, also known as a “hello world” blog post.

In this blog post, I am saying “hello” to you, out there, as a fellow inhabitant of our planet.

Other than that, I would be interested to know a bit about you. Leave a comment below, saying something interesting you found out this week, or, in other words, answer the question “what’s new with you?”